Dining in the Yard!

It was a Friday night, I had a very long day, and a late dinner was a must!  I decided to go to one of my favorite happy hour spots because I really wanted the Ace Space Bloody Orange Cider...and this is the only place in Cleveland that I know of that has it on tap!  We were immediately seated upon arriving, as the customer service is always great here.  Hence the reason I keep coming back!  

It was late, so my intentions were to be good and get a salad.  However, my intentions quickly changed when I saw that new items had been added to the menu since I last visited.  My readers know that I love loaded nachos and seafood, so it was only right!  I always order their loaded chicken nachos as an appetizer.  However, I do have one complaint...they substituted the black beans for pinto beans!  Please say it ain't so!  Not my favorite, chef!  I still obliged and they were delicious.  I also ordered the newly added entre, the Porcini Crusted Halibut.  

The food was prompt, hot and looked absolutely delectable!  The halibut dish was complimented with parmesan mashed potatoes, porcini cream sauce, white truffle oil, asparagus and bok choy.  Now, I am extremely picky about fish and usually only order fish/seafood dishes from specific restaurants.  Nevertheless, I could not resist because the description and the presentation were intriguing.  This halibut was cooked perfectly and the accompanying sides were delicious.  It is a very healthy portion.  I was full and still had half to take home.  Sidenote: It was still delicious for my lunch the next day.  This restaurant is not known for fine dining but with this entre, it can compete with some of the best.  

This restaurant is "Where Beer (or Cider) and Food Lovers Unite".  They carry rare or hard to find craft beers and ciders and the food will not disappoint.  If you are in Westlake and want to live your Zest Life, you need to check them out!  https://www.yardhouse.com/home

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