Second Story Restaurant & Liquor Bar, Scottsdale AZ

It was our second day in Scottsdale. Exhausted from horseback riding at Fort McDowell Ranch and craving pizza. By the way, I love pizza and it is must try on every vacation. While searching for pizzerias, I stumbled upon The Gelato Spot on Google. I know, I know...the name says gelato, not pizza. However, the pizza was amazing!

While waiting for our food, we noticed a cozy fire pit seating area and hostess next door. A doorway was nestled away, not too far behind them. Intrigued, so of course I had to go there. The next day, my husband and I went on a date to Second Story Restaurant & Liquor Bar.

We arrived at the cozy fire pit and greeted by the hostess. Then escorted up the staircase into a very quaint and well-decorated restaurant and bar. The lighting was romantic and inviting. The restaurant is located on the second story of the building with a wrap around patio. Our waitress was delightful, and the chef personally came out to offer us a complimentary dessert. He was experimenting with a new dessert menu and requested our feedback. The tiramisu was amazing with almond carrot cake and bourbon gelato layers. The Old-Fashioned cocktail was made to perfection. Therefore, I had to have two! Our overall experience will definitely bring us back. If you are in Scottsdale, do not hesitate to give Second Story a visit. They will not disappoint.

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