Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the shipping.
How does your shipping work?
The shopping cart on our " Ship" page links you to a third-party company named Vinoshipper. VinoShipper is in Windsor, California and has been a service provider to the wine industry since 2006. Their mission is to empower small and medium sized wineries to grow their direct sales while staying compliant with all state regulatory, shipping and tax rules. Once you place an order through Vinoshipper, Zesty Compass Wine Collection is notified by Vinoshipper of your order, ZCWC fulfills your order, and it is shipped to you via UPS.
What states does ZCWC ship to?
There is a list of eligible shipping states at the top of the “Ship" page.  The laws for direct consumer shipping of alcohol vary from state to state.  The list shows where Zesty Compass Wine Collection is approved to ship to.
My order is on its way! What else do I need to know?
When UPS arrives to deliver your wine shipment, someone MUST BE HOME to receive the package THAT IS 21 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER.  Packages will not be left on the doorstep!  Signature is required.
Is there a minimum order quantity?
We require a 2-bottle minimum order for shipping.
Are there any hidden fee's?
There are no hidden fee's
When will my order ship?
Once notification is received from Vinoshipper, we will pack your order and ship it via UPS within approximately 3-5 days.  Standard UPS travel times will follow that.