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Flashback Friday

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Merriman’s Mouthwatering Food and Atmosphere

This mouthwatering deliciousness was heaven on a plate! My visit to Merriman’s in Kapalua, Maui was absolutely beautiful for our 10 year anniversary. Sitting right on the beach, the view of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean was breathtaking. In addition to the views, the atmosphere at sunset brings a relaxing calm and desire for great food and wine. Coupled with atmosphere and views, a live band played out on the lanai as the waves rolled onto the rocks of the beach. In short, the vibe is like no other.

The menu is 90% locally sourced. They showcase the island’s freshest seafood, fish, produce and meats. As a result, you can taste the farm to table concept by the peak freshness of all of their food. They have five restaurants across the islands. I absolutely cannot wait to visit them again. In the meantime, I will daydream of my time in Maui. Mahalo Merriman’s!

Merriman’s offers a farm to table concept, with 90% locally sourced menu.

Merriman - Maui

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